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2019-2020 After School Clubs Session Session 3
After School Clubs Session 3 will begin on February 11, 2020 and ends on April 2, 2020 Clubs are from 2:45pm until 3:45pm. The JH PTA wishes to provide a wide range of clubs; something for everyone and clubs that allow students to explore and step out of boundaries. We hope you and your children will take advantage of the clubs offered this term. 
Registration closes on Tuesday, January 28, 2020 (Clubs are assigned on a first come, first served basis). 
PAYMENT FOR CLUBS ***Payment for fee-based clubs is due to the PTA next week.*** There are several ways to pay:

1.) You may Venmo (PTA-Jefferson-Houston) your payment at Please do note that the payment is for clubs and the child's full name.

2.) Send a check in with your child, payable to Jefferson-Houston PTA, for the club(s) fees as listed below (ALSO – PLEASE WRITE YOUR CHILD’S FULL NAME IN THE “MEMO” LINE OF THE CHECK, SO WE CAN MATCH THE PAYMENT TO THE RIGHT FAMILY).
Children participating in clubs will be given a light snack after dismissal and then will be escorted to their clubs location by the teachers. Clubs end at 3:55, with dismissal occurring in the main lobby, so all walkers should be picked up there.

2019-2020 Session 3 After School Clubs Info:

No Thursday Clubs on 2/13 (early release)

No Tuesday Clubs on 3/3 (Election Day)



Movement and Dance (1st-3rd) - Free

TGA Tennis (2nd - 5th) - $84

Poetry Club (5th-8th) - Free

Advanced Chess  (K-8th) - $70

Poetry Club (5th-8th) - Free

Builders Club* (6th-8th) - Free


Shake, Rattle, and Roll (K - 3rd) - Free

Yoga (K - 2nd) - $80

Beginning Acting (K - 2nd) - FREE

Studio Art (3rd-5th) - Free

Hip Hop Dance (1st-5th) - $88

Street Law (6th-8th) - Free


Beginner Chess (K - 8th) - $70

UpCycle Tinker Time** (K - 5th) - $70

Science Seed (K-2nd) - $70

Comic Book Design (3rd-8th) - Free

Young Chefs (3rd-5th) - $56

Builders Club* (6th-8th) - Free

* Builders Club meets twice a week, Tuesdays and Thursdays; No Tuesday Clubs on 3/3 (Election Day)

** UpCycle Tinker Time will be held at the Durant Center. 


PTA After School Clubs (2:45 pm - 3:45 pm) 
~ Clubs will NOT meet on early dismissal days
~ All clubs are subject to change if the minimum student participation is not met
~ Payments are NOT due until notification slips are received by families
~ Please fill out one form per student (siblings need to have separate forms)
~ If a Club selection conflicts with a student’s tutoring, the student will not be enrolled in the Club without an accompanying letter, signed by student’s guardian, authorizing the student to miss tutoring in favor of the Club


~ Confirmation slips notifying families of club placements will be sent home with students the week of 2/3.
~ Please do not pay registration fees until you receive confirmation slip(s)
~ If your child does not receive confirmation or you have registration questions, please email
~ Make checks payable to Jefferson-Houston PTA; or via Venmo:

Paper registration and information forms are available for printing. 

Club Descriptions


Advanced Chess (K-8th) - Bring your chess game to the next level under the supervision of Coach Ruble.


Tuesday: Grades K-8, maximum 10 students

Beginner Chess (K-8th)- Learn about the amazing game of chess under the long-standing leadership of Coach Ruble. Participants will learn about the chess pieces and rules of the game as well as good sportsmanship.


Thursday: Grades K-8, maximum 20 students

Beginning Acting (K-2nd) -  Journey to the depths of your imaginations and see what’s possible using music, movement, and creative drama while also exploring the world of theatre and how it is made! Play and create your own story and characters and have a wild adventure!

Wednesday: Grades K-2, maximum 15 students

Builders Club (6th-8th) -  The Kiwanis Builders Club is a student leadership & community service group with the goal of impacting local, national, & global communities. In this club we will analyze issues facing our communities and then develop and implement solutions to those problems. Last year we hosted a Wacky Socks Fundraiser which raised over $500 for amputees around the world. In fact, our fundraiser was so successful that we were able to give someone a free prosthetic leg. If this type of work excites you then the Builders Club is for you.


Tuesday: Maximum 20 students

Comic Book Design (3rd-8th) -  Comic Book Design Club is a club for students interested in learning the basics of creating comics. Students will practice drawing, inking, and adding color to create their own comic book compositions.


Thursdays: Grades 3rd-8th, maximum 15 students

Hip Hop Dance (1st-5th) -  Explore hip hop technique including breaking, popping, and locking, freezes, and more. This high energy class is based on commercial/street style; with emphasis on choreography, collaboration, and developing style and rhythm. Additional focus on movement vocabulary, strengthening and conditioning, and personal expression


Wednesday: Grades K-2, maximum 15 students


Movement and Dance (1st-3rd)Gain a greater level of physical fitness while exploring creativity through movement. Active exercise increases self-awareness, strength, balance, flexibility and coordination. Group interaction develops cooperative skills and is fun. Use your imagination and see what happens.

Tuesday: Grades 1-3, maximum 12 student

Poetry Club - According to the dictionary, poetry is nothing more than metrical writing. However, poetry is much more than that; it is a genre with styles ranging from the prose of Emily Dickinson to the bars of Kendrick Lamar and J-Cole. Through this club we will examine the different styles and rhythms of poetry by analyzing the works of some of history's greatest poets. Then we will take the knowledge we gain from studying the greats of the past to develop, write, and possibly perform our own poems.

Tuesday: Maximum 20 Students

Science Seed - The Science Seed™ covers a variety of science topics in fun, interactive and age-appropriate ways. Our goal is for students to understand the breadth of science, and therefore each session contains lessons from different disciplines. We also introduce students to the fact that scientists are also notetakers, data recorders, writers and authors by creating a journal of the session…a memento they will bring home on the last day of class.

Thursday: Maximum 16 Students

Street Law (6th-8th) - Learn about law, the legal system & our constitutional democracy! Students will be empowered by learning about their rights & responsibilities and how to become participatory citizens. The course will foster interactive participation to study topics such as human rights, court systems, conflict resolution, Police procedure and community resources.

Wednesdays:  Maximum 16 Students

Studio Art (3rd-5th) - Explore artistic themes and get advanced instruction from our awesome Ms. Flores!


Wednesday: Maximum 12 students


TGA Tennis (2nd-5th) - USTA offers a Youth Tennis Player Pathway to help introduce families to tennis. Coaches lead students through station-based drills and games that develop the fundamental skills of grip, forehand, backhand, volley, and serve. Students also participate in STEAM labs that allow them to explore academic concepts like gravity, force, and spin through the game. TGA provides all equipment.

Tuesday: Grades 2-5, maximum 10 students

UpCycle Tinker Time (K-5th) - Rethink your notion of waste & use cast-offs from our community as creative art materials! Explore UpCycle’s collection of materials, experiment with a variety of arts media, & create your own thing.

Thursday: Grades K-5, maximum 20 students

Yoga (K-2nd) - Yoga helps kids confront the challenges of stress and obesity by increasing self-awareness, concentration levels and physical activity. Led by Breathing Space, participants will learn basic yoga poses, build strength, and have a great time!

Wednesday: Grades K-2, maximum 12 students

Young Chefs (3rd-5th) - The 4-H Young Chef’s Club teaches students about food preparation, food and kitchen safety, food science, meal planning, and nutrition. Learn about food and nutrition with hands-on recipe preparation and menu planning!


Thursdays: Grades 3-5, maximum 8 students

Clubs Not Offered This Session: 

Basketball (3rd-5th) - This program is designed to enhance kids’ overall fitness while improving their fundamentals, knowledge, and cohesive awareness of basketball. The instruction has an emphasis on team building, recreational games that instill sportsmanship, personal discipline, work ethic and trust to build camaraderie. The goal of the Timez10 program is to use team-building activities that improve social skills, self-esteem, morals and overall basketball fundamental skills, while encouraging a safe and fun atmosphere.


Thursday: Grades 3-5, maximum 20 student

Entrepreneurs Club (4th-8th) - If you like “Shark Tank,” this club is for you! Students select a business idea, learn to develop a business plan and make a “pitch” presentation on the last day. Students also role-play as CEOs for leading companies (Apple, Under Armour, Amazon, Tesla, Coke) and work in groups to make strategic recommendations to address real business issues. Students enhance their problem-solving skills, develop business savvy and cultivate a strategic mindset as futureWednesday: Grades 4-8, maximum 16 students

Money Matters (K-3rd)This innovative class on financial literacy lays the foundation for healthy financial habits early in life, empowering students with the mindset to start making sound financial decisions and develop into responsible global citizens. Role-playing and fun activities keep students engaged. Topics include: • Currencies of the world • Budgeting 101 (earning, spending, saving, investing) • Prices and bartering • Checks and bank accounts • Credit cards and debit cards • Taxes • Career day: What do you want to be when you grow up?


Tuesday: Maximum 12 students

Sports Debate Club (5th-8th) - Do you like sports? Do you like your friends? Do you like arguing? Do you like arguing about sports with your friends? If so, then this is the club for you. In JH's sports debate club we will answer age old questions, like who is the greatest basketball player of all time. However, we will not simply be sitting in a room and shouting at each other that Michael Jordan (Go Heels!) is better than LeBron James. Instead we will develop well-crafted arguments using elements of statistical analysis, healthy debate, and the writing process. Come on by if you can handle the heat!


Wednesday: Maximum 20 students



Robotics With Ms. Mock