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Congrats to our 2023-2024 Alexandria City winners!

Honorable Mention

Visual Arts-Primary

Eliana Rukin-Hoffman

All you have to do is believe

Honorable Mention

Visual Arts-Intermediate

Samuel Rukin-Hoffman

Life is full of patterns and mysteries to solve

Reflections with translations.png

Calling all writers, artists, musicians, poets, dancers, filmmakers, and photographers! The theme for the 2023-24 Reflections contest has been announced: "I Am Hopeful Because..." 


What is PTA Reflections? It's a national arts competition held every year where students create art in the following ways:

  • Dance Choreography

  • Visual Arts

  • Photography

  • Film Production

  • Music Composition 

  • Literature

Find the rules for each category here. There are multiple levels of competition from your local school, to your district, Northern Virginia, Virginia, and National. Jefferson-Houston has had winners all the way up to the state level! See past Alexandria winners' work here.

Students participate in the appropriate division for their grade:

  • Primary (Pre-K - Grade 2)

  • Intermediate (Grades 3-5)

  • Middle School (Grades 6-8)

  • High School (Grades 9-12)

  • Special Artist (All grades welcome, Students who identify as having a disability and may receive services under IDEA or ADA: Section 504 may enter in the Special Artist Division or grade division most closely aligned to their functional abilities.)

Jefferson-Houston entries due by Oct 27, 2023 ! Jefferson-Houston first place winners will advance to Alexandria City-wide competition.

Entering takes 5 min online: 

Online entry form  (In English and Spanish )


Have questions, contact us at: 

Past Winners

"Show Your Voice!......"

Reflections 2022-23 Alexandria City Winners



Visual Arts - Intermediate

Honorable Mention - Samarth Rao

I Show My Voice for Basketball

Visual Arts - Primary

Honorable Mention - Eliana Rukin-Hoffman

Clean World

Photography - Intermediate

Honorable Mention - Ansel Mangum

Let Your Voice Rise

Music - Intermediate

3rd Place - Hannah Gennarelli


Film - Intermediate

1st Place - Ansel Mangum

Make a Choice and Show Your Voice

Dance - Primary

3rd Place - Rowan Palute

Kindness Dance

Thanks to our judges!

Sandesh Kadur

Chandresh Kedhambadi

Cynthia Marie Combs

Mona Sehgal

Rodney Avery

Daya Devaiah

Jenna Mayfield, Mayfield Photography LLC

Tomoko Kamasumi

Sara Lavan

Gillian Ray

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