Teachers and Staff

We love our Jefferson-Houston teachers and staff members, and we're proud to support them.  This page lists just some of the ways we show our appreciation.

Congratulations to two of our amazing J-H Teachers!
JH PTA Teacher of the Year
Ms. Kaitlyn Torres
JH PTA Teacher of Promise
Ms. Kaitlyn Laurel

And special thanks to our

Parent Liaison, Ms. Fraser!

Our J-H PTA Teacher of the Year is Ms. Kaitlyn Torres, who worked with the PTA to start a virtual Spanish Club and a middle school Cheerleading Squad, going above and beyond during this challenging school year! In the words of a J-H parent, “Ms. Torres has been wonderful with engaging both her class and the J-H community. She’s a great asset to the school and her students love her!”

Our J-H PTA Teacher of Promise award is for a first-year teacher at Jefferson-Houston, and this year it goes to Ms. Kaitlyn Laurel! Parents praise Ms. Laurel for creating a positive and fun learning environment, communicating effectively with parents, and taking genuine interest in her students. In the words of a J-H parent, “To say Ms. Laurel has been fabulous would be an understatement. Nothing about this year was normal, but she made the transition seem effortless, and the students were always engaged and involved. Her love and passion for her job and her students is clear. We LOVE Ms. Laurel!”

The PTA also wants to recognize Ms. Brittany Fraser, who served as our Parent Liaison this year. She has been an excellent communicator, sending out weekly updates in the Jaguar Junction and regularly answering questions from parents. She led a coat drive this winter, distributed books at lunch pick-ups, and is always a friendly presence at the school!

Thank you to all of the parents who nominated teachers this spring! We had so many amazing teachers to consider, and we truly appreciate all of our J-H teachers! They make J-H a wonderful place where kids love to learn! Thank you to each one of our JH teachers, admin, and staff! 

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Previous Teacher Awards
JH PTA Teacher of the Year
Charles Roth, Band

JH PTA Teacher of Promise
Alex Rotruck, P.E.

The Rejuvenator

The Rejuvenator Cart is a big hit with our teachers!  Every few weeks (pre-pandemic), one of our dedicated parents would load up the Rejuvenator with snacks and drinks to hand out to our hardworking teachers. Students helped decorate the cart and were happy to notify their teachers when it would be coming around.  This year during Virtual + school, the PTA hopes to still be able to "rejuvenate" in one way or another, but you can be certain that when students are back in the building, the Rejuvenator will sail again! If you want to donate to this effort, please use our Venmo or PayPal links and note "Rejuvenator".  One hundred dollars sponsors a fully-loaded cart (and gets your name or business name on the cart's signage), but any donation helps tremendously!

The PTA also traditionally sponsors a Welcome Breakfast at the beginning of the year and provides dinners on Parent-Teacher Conference nights for our teachers.  We've even been known to set up the occasional Trail Mix Bar or to bring teachers ice cream treats after school!

Grants and Computer Monitors

The JH PTA is proud to offer Teacher Grants.  If you're a teacher, you can download the grant request form here. We prioritize requests that will be used to enhance and support classroom instruction and student engagement.  In 2019-2020, the PTA approved grants for vocabulary journals, software subscriptions, shin guards, books, fidget toys, music for the band, and more!  Email the PTA Treasurer at treasurer.jh.pta@gmail.com for more information. To donate to this program, please use our Venmo or PayPal links and note "Teacher Grants".

During Virtual+ learning in 2020-21, the PTA has been working to provide additional computer monitors for teachers who would like one.  We've provided over 20 extra monitors to JH teachers so far!  If you're a teacher and you'd like to add your name to the list for a monitor, please fill out this Google Doc request form, and we'll let you know when we have one available for you to pick up.  If you have a working monitor, a power strip, or cords to donate, please contact us at pta.jeffersonhouston@gmail.com